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Oh good to see a nice different looking firran xD U play AA theres so much to do in that game >_< But it’s awesome too.

Yeah I seriously can’t stand the big-eyed, baby/kitten faces they’ve given the female Firran’s. The males wander around with these “manly”, tough faces and actually look like the adults they’re supposed to be, so why can’t the girls look the same?

And oh my gosh I am seriously impressed with this game. Being able to raise my mount from a baby to adult, being able to have someone ride on the back of it WITH you and being able to put ARMOR on it? Not to mention being able to build your own houses and gardens among other things. And the fact I can be more than just an archer (right now I’m an archer with vitalism and shadowplay just hngggg).

So, so impressed with this game.

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So apparently my content is being hosted on a site that makes you pay to download it …. Don’t download , let’s not support this .


Yeah, they’ve taken a lot of mods and put them on…

That is so wrong. They won’t even take it down even though you’re the creator? 

That site is honestly out of control they want you to pay like 10 dollars for some things plus 5 to make a subscription with the website in the first place, now if the content isn’t even theirs and they’re using it without permission that’s even worse, it’s the equivalent of what happened with the That’s Life for sims 1 where they stole people’s content and sold it on a disk, it’s the same basic thing, because it’s without permission.

After asking to get it taken down I got this back “It’s EA’s content :) do you work for EA?”


Wow. I am ashamed of being one of the first members on that site..

Stealing cc that a creator shares for free and charging others for it, that is the most scumbag thing ever. Spread the word and don’t support this site.

Everyone reblog this! This isn’t fair to these creators. What a disgusting website. I really hope this gets taken down. How dare you take these peoples creations and make people pay for it. Have you no shame?

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Managed to get rid of that horrible green tint with a “no vampire glow” mod yay. Even though he looks the complete opposite of undead now, I’d choose this any day over the green tint lol.

Anyway, finally ready to play with him. Meet Misty’s new vampire boyfriend, Sébastien Blackbourne.

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MoveObjects on Cheat

by TwistedMexi

It’s here - MoveObjects on allows you to place objects where they would normally wouldn’t be able to be placed. The current version allows for placement inside of other objects and deletion of mailboxes via command. Objects can not be placed inside of walls yet.

The mod comes with two commands:
Toggle moveobjects:

tm.moveobjects on/off

moveobjects is on by default, but should you wish to turn it off at times, this command will let you do so.




yes!!!!thank you!!!

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Sighs because wtf is up with that green tint? Why can’t vampires just look pale like they do in CAS? I don’t appreciate this.

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