Does anyone else have problems with the plumbots?

For me, every time I have a sim go create one, a script error appears in the notifications regarding the plumbots (not sure what that one is about though since I can make the plumbots just fine).

Then, every time I reopen the game and reload my save, I can’t interact with them and they’ll be missing from the portraits on the left, but they’ll still be counted in my household and I’ll get a handful of script error notifications about them. If they don’t disappear from the portraits, then they’ll be missing their trait chips, and they’ll have all the human sim needs and the human sim aging bar instead of the plumbot needs and plumbot quality level bar. 

I’ve gone through my mods and none of them are causing the problem. What do I do?

Same! I know it wasn’t any mod-problem. But maybe I had to start a completley new save, like a new neighbourhood, I can’t remember. Good luck though!

See the thing is I just moved them to this neighbourhood, and they’ve only been living in that house for at least 3 sim days total. I’m going to throw myself at the wall if I need to move them AGAIN haha sob. And if it’s a mod related issue then ugh why now - it’s been working perfectly until now. -_-

I might just give up soon if it doesn’t work. Go back to Skyrim lol.

EDIT: I moved them to a new neighbourhood and they work now SIGH.

Recently had this problem, for me it was the save. Try ‘save as…’ or move the family in again ^^

I’ll give this a try too :’D Thank you <3
Just can’t catch a break with this household ffs SO MANY ISSUES.

Not sure how or why. All I can tell you is that it is definitely a mod incompatibility issue. You can try the 50/50 method in order to find the problem file, which is simple enough!

Yeah I’m going through them now. >< I kinda have an inkling it’s Overwatch though, because that started displaying some issues not long before I stopped playing yesterday, but who knows. What a pain haha. Thank you for your help though! <3

The teal mood bar = incompatible mod. Is your game up-to-date? This tends to happens when people use mods from a higher patch level than their game is at (ie, a mod for patch 1.67 when your game is at 1.63).

yeah my game is up to date and so are my mods. i haven’t added anything new to the game that edits the scripts for about a month now and this is the first time it’s done this. :/ was loading and working perfectly fine yesterday.